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Phd In Waves LLC

Phd In Waves ~ Blue Soft Curved Brush

Phd In Waves ~ Blue Soft Curved Brush

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Phd In Waves Soft Curved Brush - Free Shipping on All Orders

(Not For Wash & Styles - Don’t Wet Wood Handle It Will Crack)

See Product Care Guide - For Proper Brush Care

The 100% Boar Bristles Allows For Excellent Pull To Help Break Forks and Improve Connections along With Smoothly Laying Down Stubborn Frizz.

The Phd In Waves Curved Brush Comfortably Conforms To The Natural Shape of Your Head This Results In More Bristles Coming In Contact With Your Wave Pattern Helping You Save Time and Energy With Each Brush Stroke

The Organized Bristle Alignment Allows For Comfortable Vertical and Horizontal Brushing To Help Train Your Wave Pattern. Along With The Portable Palm Brush Design Assists in Carrying Your Wave Brush Anywhere You Go.

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