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Phd In Waves LLC

Light Blue Silky Durag

Light Blue Silky Durag

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Phd In Waves Silky Durag - Free Shipping on All Orders 

The Phd In Waves Silky Durags Comfortably Conforms To The Head, and Compresses, Protects, and Locks In Moisture Throughout The Day With A Wide Variety of Colors You Have Multiple Options For Any Occasion.

The Wide Strings Evenly Distribute Tension To Eliminate Any Lines on The Forehead and Back of The Head. This Durag also Includes Extra Long Strings For Seamless Tying and Can Fit Any Head Size. In Addition to Durable Stitching To Keep Durag Intact For Multiple Uses and Washes Without Tearing or Falling Apart.

This Versatile Durag Has a Silky Shiny Finish and Is Perfect For Wash and Styles, Wearing To The Gym, Laundry Safe, and Any Other Daily Tasks.


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